LORUM aims to inspire self - love and confidence within, through creating quality vegan products that emulate those that aren't, to show the beauty industry, and everyone else, that using animal products isn't necessary to achieve a high - end look and feel.
We stand for quality, authenticity, diversity and our community.
We have designed lashes that are hand crafted, easy to apply, with a large style selection to cater to every eye shape and occasion. They are durable, re - usable, voluminous, fluffy and made with only the highest grade synthetic fibres. 
Show casing two core ranges;
The Classic Range - designed with black cotton bands, with an array of styles to suit everyday wear to full glam.
The Luxury Naked Range - designed with invisible bands for an undetectable finish, that blends effortlessly into the natural lash line.
We love our LORUM community and can't wait to continue to grow with you all xx